Joni Peddie is a Behavioural Strategist, who will use her abundant energy to ignite new thinking and ways of seeing what’s potentially holding you back from being resilient, vibrantly energised  and agile. In a time-pressurised world of stress and disruption, there is no better way to anchor new mental models, habits and behaviours than participating in this session with Joni. Participation, engagement and relevant activities to mentally , emotionally and physically embed today’s learning is what her gift to you will be!


Resilient People


We equip organisations to build trust, drive the right climate and hence cultivate the right culture in their organisations. 2019 is yet another big year ahead of great promise, or potential peril. As Leaders, HODs (Heads of Department) and Teams and multinational business. The name of the game:

In the world of … The Internet of Things (IoT); Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), there’s never been a time to be more focused on Making Resilient People !


Info-taining MC’ing

Tailored Key Note Talks
Facilitated Workshops (including Assessments for Individuals, Teams and the Organisation)
Organisational ‘Journey’ Programmes to shift the Culture of your Organisation (with pre- and post-metrics), to ultimately drive a more productive climate of ‘trust’ and ‘engagement’.

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