Eat mindfully

Every day, we lose ourselves in the patterns, stresses and demands of daily life. Research shows that 40-50% of our daily decisions are automated by our habits. Our habits (good and bad) propel us forward in life, leaving us with little opportunity to fully experience life, be 'present', and make better food choices.  Sometimes we're on autopilot and not aware of what we're putting into our mouths. In addition we often overeat in the state of being on autopilot ... hence the obesity epidemic! If we practice mindful eating we'll really appreciate our food, and generally become more awake to our lives and discover greater joy in the process.

So what, now what? Commit to being focused on your food at meal times. Eliminate media elements such as the TV, newspapers and even cell phones. Perhaps say a gratitude prayer before you start eating. Take note of the aroma of your food, the visual appeal and even the various textures of your food. Chew slowly and savour every morsel.


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