World Sleep Day is Friday, 13 March 2020

If you're only sleeping 6 hours instead of the minimum of 7 hours per night...

You have a 200% increased risk of having a fatal heart attack or stroke in your life-time! (Prof. Matthew Walker's book 'Why we sleep?')

So what, now what?

Set your cell phone alarm to ring one hour before you go to bedSTOP watching TV / get off your computer or phone for this one hour

CHALLENGE... Email if you've done this, and what you did with that "extra" hour in your day?

PS. If you want your brain to produce more Melatonin  (for deeper, restorative sleep), wear red SleepSpec glasses

PPS. Thanks to ALL of  you who completed our EQ / Resilience Questionnaire

WELL DONE to Mark Berger, Amy Fane Hervey & Carla Rossouw for winning the free coaching!


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