We have combined the essential SleepSpec tools in a cost effective starter pack. Select one of the three SleepSpec Shade options that can be combined to make up the starter pack that best suits your needs. 

1. SleepSpec Shades 
2. SleepSpec Shield
3. SleepSpec Spotlight


Developed by a South African specialist ophthalmologist, SleepSpec are scientifically engineered glasses with amber tinted lenses which filter out blue light that is known to suppress production of the hormone melatonin which is needed to induce sleep.

Artificial light from lights and particularly from electronic devices, means that the brain struggles to distinguish the change from day to night. As a result, melatonin production is suppressed, and our bodies are unable to move effectively into sleep mode.

SleepSpec works by filtering out blue light and allowing the body to produce melatonin naturally, inducing quality sleep and recovery. They can be used to at any time of the day or night and can help the body adapt to new time zones. This also reduces the effects of jetlag.

If you’re into fitness or an athlete, wearing these glasses for one to two hours before you go to bed will morose your performance dramatically.


SleepSpec has supplied various top sports teams around the world including the Emirates Lions, Stormers Rugby Team, Cheetahs Rugby Team, UK premier football team FC Bournmouth, SA Rugby as well as  SA Netball.

Standard SleepSpec Starter Pack

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