Key Note Talks are tailored to the theme of your Conference or Event:

  • Boost your Wellbeing : Brain-Fog to Brain-Fit

  • FAB Q for Energy. More energy = greater IQ & EQ!

  • Decisions today, that give you energy tomorrow

  • FAB Techniques to deal with Stress

  • The Personal Resilience FAB Code

  • Energy Management is the new Stress Management 

  • Ways to fully recharge without taking a holiday

  • Brain boosters techniques (including how to ‘Sit Less & Move More’ during the workday)

  • FABculator for resilience

FAB 4 Resilience

  • Sleep is the Swiss Army Knife of Health

  • Sleep linked to critical thinking

  • Pragmatic Neuroleadership techniques and sleep 

  • Ways to calm your brain 

  • How to actively reboot your brain at night

  • 9 Science-backed ways to reduce stress

  • Get a sleep divorce – what this means?

  • Natural sleep remedies for good shut eye & Sleep ‘hacks’ for a better brain tomorrow

Sleep 4 Resilience

EQ 4 Resilience

  • Artificial Intelligence, Human Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence

  • IQ, EQ and Personality

  • The Enneagram : Know Yourself and Know Others

  • The Motivation Iceberg: ways to fuel lasting motivation with EQ

  • Business Climate Drivers: Teamwork, Change, Execution, Motivation & Trust

  • Brain Profiles and diverse approaches to the way we work

  • Enneagram strength boosters per personality type

  • Emotional Intelligence –the basis for all successful relationships

  • Poor Mental Health costs the World $2.5 trillion in lost productivity. How do you tackle the root causes?

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