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Connect & Learn

Learn while on Holiday
Joni Peddie
June 19, 2023
min read
Connect & Learn

Chat, connect and keep your clothes on …when on your Island holiday!

I am on holiday at #AzuraBenguerra, on the Island, by this name, off the Mozambique coast line. I am having a sublime time of sand, sun, water, laughter and loving chats with my gorgeous husband.

As a behavioural strategist … I throughly enjoy chatting to the locals.
It’s a Monday, and I have been here for only two days, and readily getting used to lunchtime beach cocktails - so I’ll keep this short!

What I have observed on this 16 km long island (only 11km is inhabitable) is the phenomenal sense of community. I have spoken to people born here, and watched them help each other renovate their Dhows. We also took a sunset cruise on a Dhow yesterday (more delicious cocktails). Apparently the chartering of Dhows took place from as early as 600 AD in Mozambique waters and they were the main method of transport on the Indian Ocean until the Portuguese arrived in the 15th Century with their large ships.

I have seen both men, and women sanding wood, repainting etc . As a Dhow arrives from Vilankulo (the closest Mozambique port, on the mainland), everyone stops what they are doing, and wades into the sea (at times waist deep) to help carry bags of oranges / potatoes etc back to the island.

I have heard loads of laughter, and cheering as men hold up their ‘catch of the day’ as the Dhows pass each other. Yesterday we saw a large Silver Mackeral! The guys arrive on shore and walk up to the lodge to meet The Chef in the kitchen, and negotiate the price. The 'freshest' supply chain!

The locals at our resort are putting their kids through University on the mainland . We have heard about 'up-and-coming' Lawyers, Psychologists, Scientists  and Teachers. Joint saving, and helping each other’s kids is the norm for this community.

They also help each other buy battery packs and Solar panels for their local housing (4000 people on this island)…all have electricity 24/7... unlike us in South Africa!

The bottom-line:
When you are living on an island … the sense of community is life saving !

We all need more ‘sense of community' in these difficult, and demanding times!

Monday Fun:
I saw this snippet today. It caught my eye, as I am 'living' on Benguerra til Sunday, plus … I am off to a Leadership Conference in Bali in November this year !

"Some of y’all just can’t keep your clothes on in Bali.The Indonesian island getaway has kicked out 136 misbehaving foreigners so far this year for infractions including indecent exposure, Bloomberg reported. In one instance, a German strolled naked across a stage during a show at an Ubud temple. To combat the party fouls, Bali is cracking down on rowdy tourists and trying to promote itself as a more wholesome destination for retirees and scientific researchers." Source : Morning Brew.

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