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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become more energised?

If you want to do one thing: Sleep for a min of 7 hours a night EBERY night.If you want to do two things: Sleep, and ‘Move’ for 20-30 mins per day (walk, run, cycle) and preferably outdoors reaching in fresh air.
If you are determined to have more energised : Sleep, Move and Eat as close to nature as possible. Real food, not packaged in a factory and definitely not from a ‘Fast Food’ Outlet.

How do I know myself & play to my strengths?

The most beneficial self-insight ’tool’ is The Enneagram Personality System.You are born one of the 9 Personality Types. When you understand your basic fear and triggers, you are then able to mindfully play to the strengths of your personality style.

How do I sleep Better?

This is a complex ’topic’. It depends on your ’sleep challenge’. However if you set your mobile alarm to remind you to go to sleep earlier, and also at the same time every night … perhaps you’ll get the 7 hours of ’shut eye’ that you need.Secondly stop watching TV, being on your computer or Mobile phone for at least an hour before bed… then you may have better ‘quality’ sleep.

How do I Self-motivate & Improve wellbeing?

Another ‘big topic’. Perhaps start by changing your thinking / orientation to wellbeing. In what way you may ask? By realising that even small, tiny changes help e.g. an 8 min walk in the morning (if you can’t exercise); an apple in the afternoon instead of crisps / chocolate ; 20 min extra sleep per night. A motto you could use: “Small changes. Big benefits in my wellbeing”.