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The Situation: 2021

The organisation had (like many others) faced turbulence, volatile change and uncertainty as a result of the impact of the pandemic on the economy.  This in turn impacted people’s performance as well as team performance problems. Individuals interviewed, mentioned that they were ‘frazzled’ mentally and emotionally, suffering fatigue and were ‘on the verge of burnout’  

The Client: April 2021

This organisation was empowered to investigate, control and evaluate restrictive business practices, abuse of dominant positions and mergers in order to achieve equity and efficiency in the South African economy. There were 13 Exco members, who were also part of a broader Mancom team (40  participants. They were all Professionals: mostly Lawyers and Economists.

The Brief:
To address Personal Resilience

As a result Impact of COVID

Feelings of not “being seen and therefore not being “valued” , and as a result being “underutilised”

Family stresses 

Increased work load, lack of personal balance, increased time at one’s computer 

Feeling of isolation (especially for young professionals who live alone, and are away from their family) 

Emotional impact of the pandemic (personal loss and trauma)

Challenges around job satisfaction and support of core  staff vs. support staff

Questions around growth opportunities / career progression

The Brief:
To address Organisational Reslience

Increased stress and pressure

New work ‘cases,’ over-and-above usual work load / ‘cases’

Concerns about working from home: and the resultant disruptions

Question of sustainability and impact in the wider community (especially in the context of a struggling economy), yet still need to demonstrate growth, and impact externally 

Talent Retention (interventions/programmes needed to retain, engage and grow staff)

Need to ensure that the staff remain motivated in context of frozen/limited budgets (& no bonuses)

Need to investigate whether the current policies and performance management processes are fit for purpose?

Need clarity and to ‘relook’ efficiency and effectiveness of ‘team output’.

Goals developed with our client:

Goal 1

Need for a more ‘Empowering set up’…with ‘empowered, highly motivated and confident teams’.

Goal 2

Teams should not be scared of leadership or feel ‘intimidated by the Leaders.

Goal 3

Teams should not be afraid to take calculated risks to keep the momentum going on projects. 

Goal 4

The need to co-create a new  culture, using a ‘bottom-up’ approach. This should ensure that staff are afforded the opportunity to give input.

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