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Keynote Speaker.

Team Facilitator.

Executive Coach.

Business Problems are often People Problems.

Are you / YOUr TEAM battling...?

Emotions drive People.
People drive Performance.

We help people Bounce Forward™ ...
& ACT.
Joni Peddie, is a Behavioural Strategist, Team Performance Facilitator, Keynote Speaker & Exec Coach ... helping Leaders, and Teams re-energise, reduce stress + Bounce Forward™.

Scroll down to see her proprietary Blueprint ™ showing 8 Assessments & various offerings.

Our Proprietary Blueprint ™

8 dimensions for leadership and life.

Start from the inside out. The 8 Assessments (closest to the
'bulls eye') can be taken in any order.

(Scroll down for a typical Journey of the 8).

Many of us are ‘time-poor’ & ‘decision- fatigued’…
we need ROI (Return On Investment) for programmes we attend!

This is especially true in a world where people juggle a matrix of demanding ,and overlapping priorities. Click below to learn more ...

Journey Roadmap™ to enable Teams to BOUNCE FORWARD™ .

SUGGESTED High Performance Team journey

High Performing Teams harness how they WORK, LEAD & LIVE.

Each team is unique.
Plus team dynamics change, even as one new member joins.
The planned Journey may also change ... that's agility,
which is what we need in this fast-paced world of change, and uncertainty !

Each Team Member to Know their Enneagram Personality Style.

Effective team communication, and collaboration starts with each person ‘knowing’ the triggers and strengths of their own Enneagram Personality Style, as well as that of their colleagues.

The Enneagram Assessment is illuminating for 'leadership' ; 'work' 'life' and parenting ...enabling people to ‘play to their strengths’!

The Enneagram lies snugly between the purple 'struts' of VIEW + EFFORT on our Model.

What's our Purpose, as a Team and where are we going as a Team ... what is our Vision?

High performing teams are energised by a compelling Team Vision. A process is needed to clarify, and clearly define the Vision as well as the Purpose Statement of a Team.

Similarly it is hugely beneficial for each person to define and write up their own ‘memorable’  Purpose Statement ... both for work, and for life!

The Purpose Statement lies snugly between the purple 'struts'  of MINDFULNESS + INTENTION on our Model.

Emotional Intelligence ... our Personal & Interpersonal Skills drive Team Performance

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has twice the power of IQ to drive collaboration, which in turn ignites innovative thinking and ‘turn-around’ problem solving.
There are 8 specific EQ competencies - which can measured and developed.

We have  a wide range of EQ Assessments, each of them validated by the Organisation called: Six Seconds International . They are the largest EQ Network in the World in 174 countries.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) lies snugly between the purple 'struts' of EFFORT  + CONCENTRATION on our Model.

SLEEP is your superpower for Brain Fitness... in a world of pace, power and punch.

Burnout is up by +/- 56% worldwide, and the WHO (World Health Organisation) has stated that 66% of Adults in Developed Nations are not getting the required amount of quality sleep for mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Our Sleep Assessment builds awareness of the need for restorative sleep -necessary for Cognitive Flexibility, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing. This all leads to Brain Fitness.

Quality Sleep, and hence Brain fitness lie snugly between the purple 'struts' of SPEECH  + ACTION on our Model.

Your Team will have Focus, Direction and Drive, if people  are aware of their own, and their colleagues assessed 'Brain Talents'.

In turbulent times, where there are challenges and exciting opportunities, Teams need to ‘course correct’.

Timeous agility is needed to overcome current and potential Industry problems, as well as to be ‘nimble’ and take advantage of opportunities.

Playing to the innate strengths of one’s Brain Talents paves the way for both individual and Team ‘agility’.

Brain Talents, and the Team's Focus, Direction & Drive lies snugly between the purple 'struts' of CONCENTRATION + ATTENTION.

Team Cohesion and Trust result from knowing your Leadership Vital Signs (LVS) & Team's Vital Signs (TVS).

The Hybrid world of work (home and office based) is going to require vastly different leadership and self-management styles.

In order to harness these changes, it is essential to take your Team to the Doctor to check assess their ‘Vital Signs’. There are two Assessments that give clarity and direction. LVS: Leadership Vital Signs + TVS: Team Vital Signs.

They measure 5 key drivers: Teamwork; Execution; Motivation; Change, and the crucial element of TRUST! These 5 Team ‘pulse’ points  affect your Team’s health & vitality, and most importantly ability to navigate change.

Leadership Vital Signs, Team Cohesion & Trust lie snugly between the purple 'struts' of LIVELIHOOD + SPEECH.

The 4 Resilience Up dimensions in the Assessment are game changers for Self-Management.

Resilience is far more than ‘bouncing back’; it’s all about how to BOUNCE FORWARD™ after change or adversity.

This internationally validated Resilience Up Assessment measures 4 specific dimensions MIND, BODY, EMOTIONS & PURPOSE.

In addition it measures 8 Key Performance Indicators, that are strongly correlated with EQ.

The Assessment uses AI (Artificial Intelligence), uses embedded specificity of results for each team member.

The 4 Resilience Up Dimensions lie snugly between the purple 'struts' of ACTION + MINDFULNESS.

The LTC: Leading Through Change Assessment is an enabler for Agility, and hence Change Readiness.

Team member/s & Leaders in this fast paced world need the essential skills to ‘Lead Through Change’.

Continual change, and hence uncertainty, is daunting, even for highly experienced Leaders and their Teams.

This internationally, validated Leading through Change Assessment measures 8 definable EQ competencies; Change Readiness as well as 8 Success Factors within 4 distinct categories: Wellbeing; Relationships, Quality of Life and Effectiveness.

EQ growth is essential to improve the likelihood of successful change efforts.

LTC: Leading Through Change and the resultant Agility lie snugly between the purple 'struts' ofLIVELIHOOD + VIEW

How can Joni help you and your team.

Joni's purpose on this planet is to share skills, techniques, and bio-hacks for people to BOUNCE FORWARD™, and live an optimal and lively life.

Our offerings and programmes are pragmatic, memorable and underpinned by Internationally Accredited Assessments.

About Joni...
01 /

Our 8, very different

We first talk to you in order to understand your business 'pain points'. We then design specific Keynotes to cater for your business.

We are well known for sharing memorable, and simple, practical tips and techniques.

We are all about tiny habits for behaviour change . We love the feedback that we have enabled people to BOUNCE FORWARD™ !

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02 /


Our shorter Workshops, as well as our longer-term Programmes cover many dimensions of ‘Personal’ and ‘Inter-personal’ competences, and skills.

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03 /


Joni uses the Enneagram Personality System.
This is an enabler for deepening one’s self- awareness , so that we can each be more authentic, embrace change, and lead ourselves, and others (whether they report to us or not) more effectively.

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04 /


The VIP Programme is a ‘platinum’ level programme tailored for the specific individual that embarks on this experiential well-paced ‘behaviour shift Journey’.

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05 /


Our retreats are tailor made for embracing ‘change’ and personal development on all levels.

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06 /


These vary according to the person’s needs and preferences. The range is EXTENSIVE. We suggest a various Mobile Apps (both free and paid for) ; certain Bio-hack tools, as well as Supplements.

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How well do you


Self-awareness brings not just the capacity, but inevitability of personal development and positive change.  

We all ‘Work’ (formally + informally), ‘Lead’ (ourselves + others) and therefore need to be self-aware in order to  leverage  our Emotional Intelligence as well as our Personality strengths.

This is where we should focus and spend our ‘energy’.
In this way we’ll also be able to overcome our blind-spots and weaknesses.

Self awareness doesn’t stop us from making mistakes, it simply allows us to learn, and grow from them.

“Look outside, and you will see yourself. Look inside, and you will find yourself”. Drew Gerald
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Well-being is a big topic and has many ‘dimensions’.

We often think of our Physical well-being first. Our body and our physical issues.

Our ‘body’ and our ‘mind’ are inextricably linked in one ‘eco-system’. A sense of well-being moves in both directions.

Our Mental well-being, and our Emotional well-being impact each other. In addition both of these impact our Physical well-being.

All three of these impact (& vice versa) our ‘Sense of Purpose’ on the Planet, and therefore our ‘self-worth’ and confidence.

“For everyone, well-being is a journey. The secret is committing to that journey and taking those first steps with hope and belief in yourself.” Deepak Chopra
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You have seen the light and realised that you shouldn’t skimp on sleep.

When you ‘Sleep tight, you live right !” ☺

Approximately 66% of adults in developed nations are not getting enough sleep!

The World Health Organisation (WHO) labels lack of societal sleep as a global health epidemic.

Good sleep is essential for short and long-term mental and physical health.
Every physiological system in our body gets out of whack when our sleep suffers.

We need to get quality "Zzz"  in order to boost our immune system. This is crucial given that we live in the era of the COVID 19 Pandemic (& the various mutations thereof).

Great sleep should be prioritised.
It is more important than what we eat and / or how we ‘move’ or exercise.
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KEynote Talks

Joni's talks are practical, fun & will compel you to 'change' something ... even the tiniest habit!

Each Keynote has a corresponding Assessment.

Each Assessment is Internationally validated, and chosen for it's  unique and actionable insights ... for you and your team.

These assessments are optional.


6 ways to feel vibrant & sharp- live your ‘juiciest’ life.


Unlock your Superpower, and boost your performance by getting more restorative, quality SLEEP … daily!


Unleash your true potential: Discover your BEST SELF & Optmise your Personality Strengths – using the Enneagram.


Master your inner game: 10 ways to Work SMARTER, not HARDER, and have more time to do what you LOVE!


Ramp up your Resilience; Mind, Body, Emotions and ‘Sense of Purpose’.


Strengthen your relationships, and self-manage more effectively, by harnessing your Emotional Intelligence.

More about Keynotes....
"I thoroughly enjoyed the “BOOST” session with Joni, even my colleagues couldn’t stop commending her for such good, helpful and meaningful content. I personally took from the session the importance of self-care, not neglecting ones mental health and ultimately the power of resilience. These are life elements which we often take for granted, but after this, I’m starting to be a bit more kinder to myself."

Nelisiwe Madikane

Regional Marketing Manager, Sanlam

"Joni has consistently delivered sharp and effective sessions which help participants understand how they can eat, sleep and behave in ways that improve their performance. Her sessions are always energising, fun and compelling. I especially appreciate that she combines scientific motivations with practical actions participants can easily employ on their own."

Phyllis Byars

Senior Manager, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Bain & Company

"The Standard Bank Equities Team worked with Joni on Resilience training during the 2020 Covid lockdown. The team benefitted massively from Joni’s very personal, very intuitive and engaging style. There is no doubt that her involvement helped raise the overall levels of resilience within the team and resulted in significantly heightened levels of collaboration."

Brett Duncan

Head of Retail Equities, Standard Bank Group

"I have worked with Joni for the past 10 years. Most professionals in this space make use of the same toolbox over the years. Joni not only keeps mastering her existing toolboxes but pushes herself out of her comfort zone to keep evolving with the times and thus just stays relevant year after year after year by constantly adding to her offering."

Marzanne Van der Colf

Global HR Director, Ecolab

"The impact you had on my team, and myself have been colossal, it has empowered us to deal with the complexities we face. It allowed for Bold Transformation, that allowed for a mind-shift how do we take care of self, and to maximise the individual and team potential."

Pedro Rhode

Executive : CBC Business Unit (Cape), Nedbank

"Through her speaking engagements, mentoring, coaching and expertise in a range of content she always has deep impact on her audiences. She is confident, energetic and more importantly interested and interesting which is precisely why her audiences love her. Joni inspires me!"

Shireen Chengadu

Chief Executive Officer, Chengadu Advisory

We've got

the anwers to

your questions.

How do I become more energised?

If you want to do one thing: Sleep for a min of 7 hours a night EVERY night. If you want to do two things: Sleep, and ‘Move’ for 20-30 mins per day (walk, run, cycle) and preferably outdoors reaching in fresh air.If you are determined to have more energised : Sleep, Move and Eat as close to nature as possible. Real food, not packaged in a factory and definitely not from a ‘Fast Food’ Outlet.

How do I know myself & play to my strengths?

The most beneficial self-insight ’tool’ is The Enneagram Personality System.You are born one of the 9 Personality Types. When you understand your basic fear and triggers, you are then able to mindfully play to the strengths of your personality style.

How do I sleep Better?

This is a complex ’topic’. It depends on your ’sleep challenge’. However if you set your mobile alarm to remind you to go to sleep earlier, and also at the same time every night … perhaps you’ll get the 7 hours of ’shut eye’ that you need.Secondly stop watching TV, being on your computer or Mobile phone for at least an hour before bed… then you may have better ‘quality’ sleep.

How do I Self-motivate & Improve wellbeing?

Another ‘big topic’. Perhaps start by changing your thinking / orientation to wellbeing. In what way you may ask? By realising that even small, tiny changes help e.g. an 8 min walk in the morning (if you can’t exercise); an apple in the afternoon instead of crisps / chocolate ; 20 min extra sleep per night. A motto you could use: “Small changes. Big benefits in my wellbeing”.


Whether you are looking to improve your health, sleep or overall well-being, We've got the product for you.

Feeling the fatigue?

Everything you need to beat burnout!

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Is your Workplace a MAGNET, or a Mandate?


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Mattress Metamorphosis: Sleep is your Superpower.

Mattress Metamorphosis: Sleep is your Superpower.


Sleep - World Sleep Day is 15 March 2024

Want a more vibrant approach to life's unpredictable journey: GET MORE SLEEP!

Want a more vibrant approach to life's unpredictable journey: GET MORE SLEEP!


Get more sleep - World Sleep Day is 15 March 2024

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Tired of feeling drained, unerergised and unmotivated ?

See how your well-being knowledge stacks up against the latest peer-reviewed research on the subject. Who knows... You might learn something that could substantially improve your well-being.

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Feeling tired? You're not alone...

One in four people are suffering the consequences of bad sleep and unhealthy lifestyle decisions. Take our Sleep quiz to see if you're doing it right...

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