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Be physically, emotionally and mentally more resilient. We live in a time-pressured world where we need to think critically about the forces of disruption, constant change and innovation. If we are RESILIENT we can harness the Fourth Industrial revolution. Instead of being overwhelmed, join us in finding out how to be more resilient. For you as an individual, your team and your organisation.

Our business focuses on pragmatically 'Making Resilient People'. To optimise your personality strengths and to live purposefully, it is necessary to be brain-fit, energized and able to meet challenges head-on. Resilience is about bouncing back and then, most importantly bouncing forward with agility

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Who is Joni Peddie?


Joni is a specialist behaviourist working in the field of pragmatic resilience techniques, including ‘EQ development’, ‘The Enneagram’, ‘The FAB Quotient’ and ‘Sleep’ for peak performance. She admits that these topics can be overwhelming and confusing.

Joni Peddie’s first book is The FAB Quotient, aligns with her self proclaimed purpose on the planet. On a daily basis, we should all be incredibly conscious and mindful about how we: Fuel our bodies, Activate our brains & Behave …towards ourselves and others!

Joni is busy writing her 2nd book: SLEEP is The Swiss Army Knife of Health.

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