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Strengthen your relationships, and self-manage more effectively, by harnessing your Emotional Intelligence.
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Emotional Intelligence is a set of learnable, and measurable skills. Emotions drive people, and people drive performance.

Why people with high EQ outperform people with high IQ 70% of the time.

Walking the Journey of life can be tough. ‘Knowing oneself’ and ‘Knowing How To Get The Best Out Of Others’ are two essential high-level skills.

Learn 5 practical ways to improve your EQ, and incorporate these easily into your daily life.

Ramp up your Resilience; Mind, Body, Emotions and ‘Sense of Purpose’.
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Resilience demystified … there are four resilience dimensions. Like four legs to a sturdy table : Your Mind; Your Emotions; Your Body and lastly Your Sense of Purpose. Being resilient enables you to BOUNCE FORWARD™ and embrace your personal learnings in life.

By focusing on mental agility, emotional balance, physical health, and a sense of purpose, individuals can harness a more fulfilling, and satisfying life.

These 4 dimensions / ‘legs’ of resilience are absolutely necessary for personal energy, vitality, and vibrancy.

Learn ways to consistently incorporate simple, and practical habits into your daily life, without feeling like you need to be determined.

Master your inner game: 10 ways to Work SMARTER, not HARDER, and have more time to do what you LOVE!
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The complexity of life’s demands, layered with working in hybrid teams, and across time zones has ‘knocked many people sideways’.

There are exciting neuroscience-based techniques that help you master your (& your team’s) productivity.

Learn how to effectively manage your time and mental resources, and benefit from increased cognitive clarity, and agility’ …in order to thrive in this fast-paced, ever-changing world.

Learn 10 practical strategies to incorporate into the way you Work, Lead and Live!

Unleash your true potential: Discover your BEST SELF & Optmise your Personality Strengths – using the Enneagram.
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The Enneagram helps you to understand your specific ‘fears’, ‘motivators’ and ‘drivers’… all necessary for you to optimise your personality strengths. It is also intriguing, and hugely valuable to be able to truly understand ‘what makes other people ‘tick?’.

The 9 Personality Types are vastly different from one another.

Learn how to communicate more effectively with each of the different Types.

Play to the ‘strengths’ of the Type that you were born, and enjoy living a life of being your BEST SELF!

Unlock your Superpower, and boost your performance by getting more restorative, quality SLEEP … daily!
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Your overall health and productivity starts with a great night’s sleep.  Insufficient quality Sleep has become a Global Epidemic.

Quality sleep is necessary for you to feel physically strong, emotionally balanced and mentally sharp.

Learn simple, practical ‘bio-hacks’ that help you to get nightly ‘quality’ sleep, as well the right number of hours of sleep.

Enjoy feeling far more energised and more able to GSD (Get Stuff Done) in your life!

6 ways to feel vibrant & sharp- live your ‘juiciest’ life.
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People around the world are experiencing high levels of stress, ‘overwhelm’ and hence feeling depleted.

We all need to prioritise how we ‘revitalize’ ourselves DAILY, so that we are healthy (disease-free), happy and live a ‘juicy’ life.

The REBOOT framework outlines 6 dimensions in life. They all contribute to overall wellbeing.

Incorporate these practical, ‘micro’ and time-efficient habits seamlessly, and easily into your day.