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Joni Peddie's


Develop a high performance mentality
Level up your leadership skills
Your Sense of Purpose.
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What’s your driving force, your motivation, your ‘North Star’?

If this is in your ‘belly’, your daily habits and behaviours will align beautifully, and you’ll see life completely differently!

We all have Brain Talents … what are yours?
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Get to know your Brain Style, and how your rational and emotional parts of your brain are working together.

How does your brain : ‘Focus’; ‘Make Decisions’ and ‘Drive’ you to be motivated addressing practical and/or idealistic issues?

Your EQ is more important than your IQ!
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Do you know how your EQ impacts your Relationships, your overall Wellbeing, your Effectiveness and your Quality of life?

The are 8 EQ competencies … all learnable and game-changing!

Knowing yourself (& others) using the Enneagram.
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Which of the 9 personality Styles were you born?

In what simple ways, can you play to your personality strengths?

Leading through Change, using EQ Skills ’made easy’!
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What’s the ‘useful’ science behind the emotional impact of change?

What’s your ‘change readiness’ score ?

What are your Leadership ‘Vital Signs’?
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Your Vital Signs (VS) tell you ‘realistically’ about your Wellbeing.

Boost your FIVE Leadership VS : Motivation; Teamwork; Execution;  (harnessing) Change and (developing) Trust.

How to ‘Resilience Up’ in turbulent times?
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Do you know whether you need more Emotional Resilience; Mental Resilience ; Physical Resilience and / or Purpose Resilience ?

Add TINY habits to these 4 BIG topics, to ‘bounce forward’ and be more resilient.

10 Bio-hacks to ensure that ‘Sleep is your Superpower.
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A good night’s sleep will ensure a GREAT day!

Learn 10 simple Bio-hacks : to get restorative sleep.

This is the single most important driver for your Brain Fitness.