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Joni Peddie the story so far CEO of Bounce Forward

Hey, Joni here.👋 I'm a Behavioural Strategist,
executive coach, speaker and strategic facilitator, helping leaders and their teams to become more energised, self motivated and self aware.

Joni has been an entrepreneur for the last 25 years. She is the CEO of Resilient People. Her work addresses the various dimensions of Resilience: MIND, BODY, EMOTIONS and PURPOSE.
Joni works with Individuals, Global Teams and Organisations.

In the media

See joni peddie discussing the importance of sleep, well-being and much more.

Joni Peddie is the ceo of resilient people, a leading executive coach, speaker and strategic facilitator.

Joni Peddie walks the talk. After dealing with adversity, trauma and many life challenges she has ‘BOUNCED FORWARD’. There one magical ‘recipe’, but rather many small (often tiny) habits, that become rituals and then a mindful way of being. In her ‘muddy path’ of horrible happenings and trauma, she had a few ‘diamond timing’ intersections. The first major one was co-authoring her book ‘The FAB Quotient: Experience resilience and fight fatigue’. 

The second was becoming a Preferred Partner for Six Seconds, the largest EQ network in the World (in 200 countries) in South Africa. As a result Joni could also collate her ‘resilience’ research and was able to Co Author a validated Assessment called Resilience Up, and launch this worldwide.

Joni is a ‘frustrated neuroscientist’ and fascinated by the brain and of course neuro-leadership. As a result of this pathway of research Joni’s curiousity led her to ‘sleep’ and the impact on self management, EQ and self leadership. Joni is busy writing her 2nd book:  SLEEP is your Superpower.

Joni believes that Personal, Team, Departmental and Organisational behaviour shifts require MEASUREMENT. It's easier to manage what you measure. It is more meaningful to craft a meaningful  (& ROI based) client Journey, where there is before and after ‘measurement’ and of course where deliverables of the Journey will be celebrated!

Joni has run this business for 25 years. Before that she worked for three multinationals: Unilever; Kimberly Clark and Bristol-Myers Squibb, in marketing; sales and senior leadership positions reporting into Head Offices Globally.

Besides facilitating organisational culture change, team performance workshops; speaking at conferences and writing books, Joni is an avid trail & road runner with 5 Comrades (90km) and 7 Two Oceans (56km) Ultra Marathons under her belt.

As a Behavioural Strategist, her fascination lies in working with people from around the world. She is based in South Africa, and loves to travel and immerse herself in different cultures.

Joni's pride and joy are her two adult daughters. Parenting these young ladies has been a Journey in itself, given the tragic loss of Joni’s husband / their father when they were 7 and 9 years old. Joni remarried 4 years ago, and Gavin Broomfield and herself share many interests and share the Mottos : ‘Make lemonade out of lemons’ AND ‘Don’t forget to squeeze the juice out of every day’.

Joni loves keeping busy, and stimulated by being… A Key Note Speaker; A Workshop Facilitator for Teams & Organisational Change initiatives; An Enneagram Practitioner; An EQ Assessor, Practitioner and Coach & A Resilience specialist , An Exec Coach.