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58 Second Joni Jolt : Act tip to Bounce Forward.

There are many ways to Bounce Forward. Motion Shifts Emotion. Here's a 58 second ACTION tip.
Joni Peddie
June 27, 2022
min read
58 Second Joni Jolt : Act tip to Bounce Forward.


58 Second Joni Jolt
Think.Feel. Act tips to Bounce Forward.


What is this?
Practical ways to ‘shift’ your Thoughts, Feelings & Actions.


Why is it needed?

People often get ‘stuck’, especially after facing tough life /work ‘challenges'.

Equally, we can feel ‘stuck’ when we want to chase an opportunity / goal.


Why 58 seconds?

People are time-poor, so every minute counts.

‘No time to’…
exercise; eat well; get 7 hours sleep; play the guitar; sort out an old squabble;
re-align with a family member; have a courageous conversation; ‘find time' for yourself.

58 seconds is a pimple on the elephant.

If you are awake for 17 hours/ day : then you have61 200 seconds to ‘spend’.

Choose a Bounce Forward tip  & simply use it 4 times in the day.

You’ll still have 60 968 seconds to GSD (Get Stuff Done).


Make BF (Bouncing Forward) easy peasy

Didn’t your Mother / Father / Granny tell you: ‘it’s the small things that count’.

Today’s Act tip to Bounce Forward.

* From a seated position in your office chair (or dining room chair)

* Stand up balancing on one leg,
* Keep the other leg raised & off the floor (like a stork or a Flamingo).
* Don’t use your hands.
* See how many you can do in 58 seconds?

Motion shifts Emotion.
You’ll give your brain a breather, strengthen your lower body and improve your mobility.
This becomes easier as you become stronger.

Do you need help re-energising your life and career?
Yes please!