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6 Point Plan for Daily Energy

Tips for Daily Energy
Joni Peddie
January 23, 2024
min read
6 Point Plan for Daily Energy

This year SHOULD BE different.

We're fresh out of the 'starting blocks' of 20plenty4, but already I hear moans from people saying : "I feel drained, and low on energy" !

Here's a 6-point plan to help you boost your daily energy and vitality.

1. Moooove more often DURING your work day.

This is a powerful energy booster. Do squats at your desk. Skip for a minute. This increases your heart rate, improves your circulation, and releases endorphins, which are natural mood and energy lifters. Given me a shout if you want a set of cordless skipping ropes to keep ON YOUR DESK as a visual reminder to moooove every 90-120 mins DURING the day.

2. Say NO. Have a few 'badass' Boundaries.

Learning to say no and setting healthy boundaries is crucial for preserving your energy. Overcommitting yourself leads to exhaustion. Practice assertiveness and prioritise your mental, physical and emotional well-being by respectfully declining 'activities' that may drain you. Setting clear boundaries allows you to conserve your energy for the things that matter most! Play to your strengths. And remember that "No" is a full sentence.

3. Eat 6 Different Colors of Food Per Day.

This has a positive impact on both your mood and your energy levels. Different coloured foods contain various vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that support your overall health and vitality. As long as they are not 6 different colours of jelly beans :-)

4. Rest Well.

Quality rest is essential for replenishing your energy reserves. You often hear me speaking and writing about "sleep being your superpower”! In addition, be mindful of taking mini breaks during your work day. I get up and get outside and stand on the grass, staring at the trees and stretching (a good habit stack) about 4 times a day, for 3 mins at a time. If I really feel buggered I have a 20 min power nap ...luckily I have a home office. I also avoid noisy restaurants, and too many social events on a weekend.

5. Step Back to Gain Clarity.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, take a step back and practice deep breathing. This helps you to gain mental clarity and reset your energy levels. Deep breathing techniques, such as box breathing, can activate your body's relaxation response, promoting mental clarity. A calm brain is a clear thinking brain!

6. Change Your Words to Change Your World.

The language you use can significantly impact your energy and mindset. Practice using positive, empowering language to shift your perspective and enhance your energy. Instead of saying "I have to," reframe it as "I choose to." This simple change in wording can cultivate a sense of autonomy and empowerment, positively influencing your energy and motivation.

Choose to have a different year. Navigate each day with vitality, resilience AND the ability to BOUNCE FORWARD after setbacks!

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