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Activate your Triple Yes!

Aligning your Head, Heart & Gut
Joni Peddie
June 19, 2023
min read
Activate your Triple Yes!

It’s hard to align your Head, Heart and Gut… there’s no single, or ‘best way’ to do this!

It’s hugely beneficial to tune into all three ‘functional brains’ and science now shows that there are complex neural networks in all three!

Listening to all three is critical for decision making!
It’s known in neuroscience as multiple brain integration or mBIT.

It’s flipping hard, when faced with a tough decision to use the combined wisdom of your head, heart, and gut!  
I always need the underbelly of ‘science’ before I adopt new habits, or shift my belief system.

Here's a snippet of science:

1. HEART : Your heart is constantly sending signals to guide you, and to notice your fears.  We have around 40,000 cardiac neurons, working together to communicate across the heart’s nervous system - from the heart, and up along the Vagus Nerve to the brain in your head.

Did you know that the heart sends more messages up to the brain, than vice versa. Anyone ever told you to “listen to your heart”?

2. GUT : The gut brain is hidden in the walls of your digestive system. There are +/- 100 million nerve cells that line your gastrointestinal tract.

Did you know:  400 times more messages go up from the gut microbiomes to the brain, than vice versa.
Anyone ever asked you about “your gut instinct” ? Responses in your stomach may be sending you info about a situation, or helping you to sense danger.

3. HEAD : the head brain is sophisticated : 100 billion neurons working together to store and access memories, plus process the intake of information from all of your senses, as well as your surroundings.

Anyone ever asked you to “use your head” ? Depending on the tone … that phrase can be a little denigrating.

I was on a Zoom call yesterday discussing a Leadership Programme: hosted, and designed by an International Network.

The USA Course Designer asked me to deliver 4 different 'resilience-related' sessions. The dates for the first two are perfect, but the dates for the second two unfortunately conflict with a promise I have made to a friend.

I told him about my dilemma about the dates for the second two sessions, and that I would revert in a few days. He said fine. I then asked for the 10-day schedule. While he was trying to add it to the chat box, I used my 4-7-8 breathing technique, and asked myself WHAT IS MY GUT TELLING ME? I always try and tap into my gut, then my heart... and finally see if the decision is logical?

After +/- 90 seconds, he mentioned that the Schedule was in the Chat Box. We had both been silent in that time.

When he looked at me, I said : "My head, heart and gut says to do all 4 sessions". He then smiled and said… is that a TRIPLE YES?

CHALLENGE yourself in this crazy, fast-paced world to develop more self-awareness: notice how you feel in your body, and then access your heart, and finally your head. Give yourself more ‘perspective,’ so that you make better decisions!

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