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AI = Affection Intelligence

AI from a different perspective
Joni Peddie
January 23, 2024
min read
AI = Affection Intelligence

How’s that for a reframe ?

Arthur Goldstuck's great Business Times article stopped me in my tracks yesterday. He was commenting on the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held last week in Las Vegas. The world's premier tech show, featuring the latest innovations in consumer technology. Even though I am a 'digital delinquent' I'm deeply curious about the generative AI field and how this may play out 'behaviourally' in society over the next 5 years. Both Ray Kurzweil and Elon Musk—predict that we will see human-level AI by 2029.

Back to the article. I literally stopped reading and started laughing, as I sat on my grass yesterday afternoon. Apparently the CEO of LG Electronics, William Cho said: "At LG, we'd like to redefine it as 'affectionate intelligence', because we fundamentally believe that AI should foster a customer experience that is more caring, empathetic and attentive".

Using the term 'Affection Intelligence' completely changes our orientation to AI. It becomes a positive term, with the underbelly of great EQ.

One of my favourite phrases is 'Change your words, to change your world !' Clever Mr Cho ... he is making us thinking differently about AI, perhaps stimulating the 'sceptics' to ‘lean in ‘and learn more!  Plus, as a leader he's using the EQ linguistics : caring, empathetic and attentive.

This is not an AI Ethics conversation. The Monday nudge is to be as CLEVER as Mr Cho!

Be MINDFUL about the words you CHOOSE to use. You may get people to ‘lean in ‘ to your conversations, and hence be more influential in your area of expertise.

Besides thinking about this 'inter-personally' ...also think about your own self-talk
·      'I have to' … versus … 'I choose to’
·      'I can’t tackle this project now' … versus … 'I can focus on this Project for 25 mins' (use the Pomodora Technique)
·      'I will try and exercise this week' … versus… 'I will move my body for 20 mins EVERY day (walk , skip, run, play with the dog in the park).

STOP, think and CHOOSE your words wisely. Notice if you smile, and / or somatically feel different or just lean into the conversation more curiously?

FYI about CES…
The numbers are staggering : 4000 Exhibitors. If you had attended you would have been one of 150 000 people, and you would have clocked up your 10000 steps very quickly walking through those Halls! Another staggering number : 10 000 consumer products were launched.

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