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Are the ANTS in your head ‘draining’ your energy?

ANTS : Automatic Negative Thoughts. Tips to overcome these negative thoughts.
Joni Peddie
June 6, 2022
min read
Are the ANTS in your head ‘draining’ your energy?

Our brains help us to survive, and therefore our brains are hardwired for the negative. These negative thought patterns, which we play over and over in our heads are absolutely normal.

On the flip-side, the good news is that our brains can re-wire themselves. This is called Neuro-plasticity.

Here's a challenge for you, if you suffer from ‘having too many ANTS’:

Ask yourself:

* 'What ANTS are roaming around in my head?'
* 'Which of them need to be ‘shifted out’ of my head?'
* 'Which of them should be annihilated?  

I know that ’annihilated’ sounds ‘aggressive’ … but if the ANTS in your head are draining your energy, or as I like to say ‘ the living daylight spark’  out of you … then you need to CRUSH THEM!

You can ‘re-wire’ your brain, you just need to become more self-aware. Are the ANTS serving you, or are they draining your daily energy?

In other words you have the power CHOOSE to accept these thoughts as fact; or to question them, or to reject them and ‘move on’.

Fact: Your thoughts and emotions regulate your personal energy!

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