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Madvember: HABIT STACK & BE KIND to yourself.
Joni Peddie
November 20, 2023
min read

November madness. If I could wave a magic wand, I’d ensure that we ALL stop complaining about being “totally exhausted” and “hanging on by our finger nails” until the year-end break !

Running your life: work, home and “hobbies” on poor energy levels is a chronic issue, and it gets worse if you don’t know how to self manage (which is an EQ dimension).
Side note : most people say “what hobbies, I have no time”!    

That’s just sad !

This 5 minute habit stack will give you bang for your buck in terms of time.

I am not going to explain the science behind each activity: you are probably far too “hectic” to read it. If you are curious, go and research it. Otherwise JUST DO IT !

Today I “dedicated” 5 mins of my gruellingly busy afternoon to:

  • kick off my shoes and feel the grass under my feet. Research the benefits of “grounding your body on grass / soil”.
  • drank half my purple flask of water, flavoured with delicious edible (Doterra) peppermint oil. Research “rehydrating your brain … for clearer thinking”.
  • spoke lovingly to my Bonnie ( the cuddliest Spaniel on the planet), and laughed out loud when she “kissed me on my chin”.

         Vocalise your “love” to a great mate or a family member. Send them a VN. Tell them why you love them so much.

  • I then did two rounds of 4-7-8 breathing to stimulate my vegas nerve and reduce my anxiety about my long “ To Do List “.
    Breathe in deeply for 4 counts. Hold your breath for 7 counts, and breathe out slowly (through your mouth) for 8 counts.

And YES this habit stack took 5 mins.
And YES, I am va va voom to go for the last 60 mins of my day.

And NO, I won’t get through my entire “To Do List” today … so I have delegated some stuff; reprioritised other stuff and sent “apologies emails” to people who will get their stuff tomorrow from me.

Cie La Vie.

#BOUNCEFORWARD hashtag#selfmanage hashtag#stopmoaninginNovember!

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