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Become the BEST Version of Yourself

Upgrade & expand your identity
Joni Peddie
May 31, 2022
min read
Become the BEST Version of Yourself
“There are three layers of behavior change: a change in your outcomes, a change in your processes, or a change in your identity.” James Clear.

This concept is from the book ‘Atomic Habits’ and is incredibly useful for understanding how to shift your behaviour / change your habits.

To keep this short and pragmatic, I will only focus on the epicentre / bulls eye, and then the 'outside circle'.

When you work from the inside out (the epicentre), you are reframing your identity, and your ‘new habit' is likely to stick’.

When you are working from the ‘outside in’ (the outer ring).. ie from the ‘outcomes’ … your new habit may NOT stick! After all your behaviours / actions are all a reflection of your identity and your beliefs.

You offer two people a cigarette: both are trying to give up smoking...

Person A says: “No thank you, I am trying to quit”. (He / she is working on ‘outcomes” = the outer ring)

Person  B says: “No thank you, I am not a smoker”. (He /she is working from the inside out … and already changed their language and hence their identity.)

Other examples: Working on ‘outcomes’: I want to Read a (work-related) book per month versus working on ‘your Identity’, you would say: 'I am a reader'!

Working on ‘outcomes’: I want to run 5 days a week versus working on ‘your Identity’, you would say: 'I am a runner'! The ultimate form of intrinsic motivation is when a habit becomes part of your identity. Let's also remember that 'intrinsic motivation' is one of 8 measurable EQ skills.

So, here’s the challenge - decide the type of person you want to be, and prove it to yourself by changing your language and ‘living into your new identity’.

Change your words to change your world!    

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