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Do you have enough RESPEC'EQ for YOURSELF & OTHERS?

Understanding RESPECT for yourself AND others!
Joni Peddie
May 19, 2022
min read
Do you have enough RESPEC'EQ for YOURSELF & OTHERS?

If you type RESPEC’EQ into Google … RESPECT will come up.

Perhaps your ‘google brain’ already read and interpreted this new word as RESPECT!

RESPECT needs no explaining. In the shadow of the pandemic, and with geopolitical problems worldwide, EQ (Emotional Quotient / Intelligence) is critical. EQ according to Six Seconds International (The largest EQ Network in the World) is declining worldwide. The detailed info is in a Report called "The State of the Heart 2021" (Get hold of me if you want to read it). The Report is based on a randomized global sample starting from a pool of 127,645 people - from 129 countries, and is balanced by global region, age, and gender.

But let's focus on ourselves. What level of RESPEC’EQ do you have for yourself…

How do you?      

EAT  (real, unprocessed, coulourful foods?)    

DRINK (enough water + not drink too much ‘booze’?)

MOVE (at least 20 -30 mins per day …getting your heart rate up?)      

SLEEP (at least 7 hours per night …7 days a week?)      

REBOOT (do something for yourself … even for15 mins per day?)

CONNECT (in meaningful ways with your family and friends?)

HAVE FUN (even if it’s simply dancing to music in theshower in the mornings?)

PLAN (‘fail to plan, plan to fail’ … for holidays / retirement?)

What level of RESPEC’EQ do you have for Others…

How do you?      

CHOOSE TO UNDERSTAND PEOPLE (what makes them ‘tick?’)      

CHOOSE YOUR WORDS WISELY (It’s not what you say, buthow you say it!)      

CONSTRUCTIVELY RESOLVE DIFFERENCES  (personal growth+ innovative thinking can result from good courageousconversations)      

BECOME AWARE OF NON-VERBALS ( body language …can tella whole different story … watch and listen more carefully)

BECOME AWARE OF YOUR ATTITUDE TOWARDS OTHERS( everyone is actually trying their best. If you use this as astarting point … your interactions will be vastly different)

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