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Don't look up to a successful person, look into them!

Learning from Successful people
Joni Peddie
February 20, 2023
min read
Don't look up to a successful person, look into them!

Last month, I attended a wonderfully enriching workshop filled with many successful entrepreneurs.

This was facilitated by two very successful people, Global Players, who head up The Circle of Excellence: Mike Handcock and Landi Jac.

SHOUT OUT to both of them for a brilliant two days!

This article is not about the phenomenal content & learnings, but rather the point to ponder.

After two days, it would be easy to leave feeling daunted and overwhelmed after listening to business growth ‘stories’ of 100% to 1200% growth in the last year.

As a Behavioural Strategist, I am curious as to ‘why’ do somepeople succeed?

Is it because they’re incredibly clever? Action faster than others? Happy to fail fast? Have put aside a ‘slush fund’ to take risks? Smart? Find the RIGHT Collaboration Partners?   etc... etc..

There are 1000s of moving parts… but if we have to single out one ‘lynchpin’, it has to be MINDSET!

True success comes down to your mindset. In order to succeed, you can’t just want to change; you have to believe that you can! And once you do…

It was truly an enriching experience to learn new techniques and connect with all of you.


The 3 Habits of Highly Successful People

  1. Choose Courage OverComfort. The road to success can be uphill—and that climb takes courage.
  2. Get Your Head in theGame. You have the power to define not only your success, but yourfailures—rather than letting them define you.
  3. Make (Bigger)Connections.


Others success makes us happy for them, makes us want to do it as well and do it better. It ignites a little flame in our hearts and inside our gut to 'just do it'! And that's why it's important to learn from successful people. 

They have the power to motivate or inspire you in few seconds!

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