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Ever heard of the Zeigarnik Effect ?

Brain memory
Joni Peddie
January 23, 2024
min read
Ever heard of the Zeigarnik Effect ?

Me neither... until last week.

It is a captivating psychological concept that suggests people remember incomplete tasks better than completed ones.

What are you remembering today that you SHOULD HAVE completed earlier this week? OUCH!

A 5 ingredient recipe to address this...

  1. Get up.
  2. Choose an energising song on Spotify and play it on volume 10.
  3. Skip (even with an imaginary skipping rope).
  4. Have a large glass of water to hydrate your brain.
  5. Sit down, and set your mobile alarm to go off in 25 mins. The Pomodora technique.

I have a thirst for learning, and was intrigued to read about the Zeigarnik Effect. It was first observed, and named after Bluma Zeigarnik, a Lithuanian psychologist, in the early 1920s. She noticed that waiters at a restaurant could remember complex orders that were in progress but had difficulty recalling the details of completed orders.

The effect is closely tied to the concept of cognitive tension, where an incomplete task creates a mental burden. Understanding this effect can open avenues for enhancing productivity, optimizing learning, and improving overall cognitive performance

From a neuropsychological perspective, the biological mechanism of the Zeigarnik Effect is still under study. It is related to how our brain keeps track of unfinished thoughts and tasks, and it may involve working memory maintenance, manipulation, and retrieval.

To sum up on a Friday afternoon: it offers valuable insights. "knowing ourselves is the beginning of freedom, wisdom and ALL GOOD THINGS!"

Squeeze the Juice out the weekend. hashtag#bounceforward

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