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Feeling jetlagged? But you haven't travelled!

Sleep Biohacks
Joni Peddie
May 17, 2022
min read
Feeling jetlagged?  But you haven't travelled!

Feeling jet lagged, yet you haven't travelled! Groggy, brain foggy, sluggish, not enough 'get up and go', not really 'present' ... but trying!

Why? In the Southern Hemisphere we're heading into Winter. The. mornings are colder and darker for longer. Some of us are getting up slightly later (with / without electricity in South Africa) and having to adjust to these chilly mornings and evenings. We are spending more time 'hibernating'. Spending more time indoors, often means too much time facing screens: phone, laptop and TV.

Quick TIP: +/- 10 - 15 mins of Morning Sunlight is what you need to clear your groggy, foggy jet lag 'state of being'.


Anytime between sunrise and 10am.

The trick?

DO IT DAILY ... consistency wins the day!

This isn't a 'Do one'. Skip One' trick.

Even if it's 5 mins... get outside and face the sky (no sunglasses on). If it's cloudy outside, it's still far more beneficial than your indoor lighting and / or sitting at a window.

Why this works?

Sunlight influences life on earth: for animals; plants and humans. Your eyes, are part of your brain. They are inextricably linked to your brain functioning. They are two small 'protrusions' of your brain, and they need DAILY natural light.

One of the benefits: A good night's sleep starts from the minute you wake up.


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