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Flatten your Glucose Curve. Flatten your Muffin roll.

The life changing power of balancing your blood sugar
Joni Peddie
May 9, 2022
min read
Flatten your Glucose Curve. Flatten your Muffin roll.
I am reading the Book : “Glucose Revolution: The life changing power of balancing your blood sugar” by Biochemist Jessie Inchauspe.

I love her science-backed hacks to help you stay feeling full, without raiding your rusk, biscuit, crips /cookie cupboard ! The science is interesting : many people feel hungry shortly after eating. This is triggered by a meal that spikes your glucose level, and hence your insulin levels. These ‘ongoing’ glucose spikes block the hormone ‘Leptin’, which signal ‘satiation’, and at the same time  ‘Ghrelin’ takes over. This is the hormone that tells you that you are hungry !
Enough science. Read the book if you want more. She writes well, and her book is packed with good references.
Here are three #bouceforward bio-hacks for more energy, and less ‘muffin roll’ over your jeans!

1. Eat foods in the right order.
If you are eating pasta, with veggies / ‘protein’. Eat the veggies / protein first. Jessie substantiates this with ‘science’, and refers to a seminal scientific paper (USA 2015) that found if you leave your ‘carbs’ until the end of your meal : you will reduce your overall glucose spike by 73%, as well as your insulin spike by 48%.

2. Add a green starter to all your meals.
This isn’t the same as the above hack. This is on another level, and the reason is that  you’re adding more fibre to your meal, which is hugely beneficial for digestion and overall health. Processed foods are most often fibre deficient. Here are a few ‘quickies” to make it easier:
* left over veggies from last night’s supper;
* a few mouthfuls of pickled vegetables;
* sliced cucumber and avo
* baby carrots and hummus

3. Stop counting kilojoules.
If you adopt hack no 2 above, you will be adding kilojoules to your meal. Often people ‘panic about this, we are led to believe that we’ll pack on the kgs. This is not the case, if you add the ‘right’ foods.  This is exciting for me: as I LOVE food! A 2017 US Study showed that when overweight people focused on flattening their glucose curves (even if they ate more kilojoules than the other group did), they lost 7.7kgs, versus the group, who ate fewer kilojoules (but took no care of their blood sugar levels), they only lost 1.8kgs!

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