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Get out your Drill Bit … your brain can be linked to a computer !

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Joni Peddie
June 1, 2023
min read
Get out your Drill Bit … your brain can be linked to a computer !

In case you missed the news this week. I did. In fact, I only read this in the Business Times yesterday. Wires can now be directly connected INTO your brain ...through your skull. This is BIG news.

I am all for ‘tech -driven change’. I do however worry about the people driving these ‘life-changing’ initiatives. Are they trustworthy, honest characters with enormous ‘depth of integrity’, doing things for the right reason... or are they simply 'tech crazy' and 'disruption-hungry'?

Neuralink, is Elon Musk's brain implant company. They have finally received approval from the FDA (US food & drug administration) to conduct human clinical trials. They have developed a small device that will link (using electrode-laced wires) your brain to a computer.

As you have gathered from my ‘Drill Bit’ heading: the device sits under your skull. What does that 'disrupt'? The drill bit is needed to make a hole in your skull.

I watched a few video’s. The device is not a tiny microchip, in fact it’s about the size of two fat thumbs.

Musk is claiming that it will treat a range of conditions including Obesity, Autism, Depression and Schizophrenia. He’s claiming that it’s so safe that he would be willing to implant them in his children's skulls. As a side: 'did you know’ : he has 6 kids!?

Apparently this device also aims to help people with paralysis or traumatic brain injuries. They will  communicate and control the computer using only their thoughts. This sounds awesome.

But what do you think of the man with the purse strings? Mr Musk: the ‘future-thinker’ / ‘disrupter’ / ‘sleep-deprived maniac’ … he has also hypothesised that the device could enable humankind to keep up with advances being made by artificial intelligence.

This leap into the unknown is quite scary. I need to read more about it, and learn more. In the mayhem happening in the World, and in South Africa ... I nearly missed this news. What do you think about this development?

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