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Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Watch your caffeine intake
Joni Peddie
September 19, 2023
min read
Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

It's September 2023, and I’m on holiday, hiking in the freezing cold ‘wintry’ Cederberg. We have drunk a lot of coffee to kick-start our day, and also during the day.

I absolutely looove coffee. I am however cognisant of matching it cup-for-cup with water, or Rooibos tea.

Today we visited the House of Rooibos in Clanwilliam, in the Cederberg region of South Africa, which remains the only part of the world where rooibos is commercially viable.

Caffeine is a must-have for many go-getters, because of the energy and alertness benefits. However, caffeine is also a stimulant that can activate a buzz that never seems to end. If you suffer from the IJM (inner jitter monster) and perhaps are feeling tense, unsettled and perhaps overly anxious… maybe this weekend it’s time to breakup with coffee !

Rooibos is caffeine-free, which helps the body relax. It also contains excellent little antioxidants, and it lowers the production of cortisol. People with lower stress levels experience less anxiety and vice versa, so rooibos tea sounds like the perfect partner in crime to break up this toxic relationship.

“Healthy body, healthy mind”.

Did you know that caffeine is a major trigger for headaches. It is also a diuretic. When you’re dehydrated, the brain can temporarily contract from fluid loss, which, you guessed it, leads to a horrid headaches, and then perhaps the domino effect of a miserable mood.

Rooibos tea is gaining popularity as a delicious and healthy drink, consumed in Southern Africa for centuries.

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