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How to check in with yourself daily!

Selfcare Tips
Joni Peddie
May 26, 2022
min read
How to check in with yourself daily!

Life is a rush. We say that we are fine, but are we really sure how we are doing?

Selfcare is critical. Selfcare is about taking care of our mental, physical and emotional health, and our whole being.

There are only three things we need to ‘check-in’ …
Our Feeling/s?
Our Thinking / thoughts?
And how do we choose to Act / not Act ?
These three 'elements' are completely intertwined, and feed off each other.  

Checking in... is 'an inside job'.
Think. Feel. Act could be the sequence of your personal check-in today, or a different sequence: ACT. FEEL. THINK

Here is an example. If I am feeling overwhelmed, I often...
1. ACT : Go for a walk, or jump on my trampoline…as ‘motion shifts emotion’.
2. FEEL : I try and name the various feelings that are causing ‘turmoil’ (that washing machine feeling in your heart).
3. THINK or ‘talk out loud’ about what ‘I can control’ versus 'can't control. Let's face the fact that there is a whole LOT that we can’t control.

I cope more effectively with my 'stressors' each day, by taking care of myself, and checking-in with these three Questions.
·       How am I Feeling?
·       What am I Thinking?
·       What am I choosing to Act on / not Act on … so that I am mindfully ‘responsive', as opposed to being ‘reactive’ or living on autopilot.


Be aware of your thoughts, and how they affect your feelings. We have a wide range of emotions, both positive and negative ones. The negative ones can inform your thinking, they do not need to be destructive.


Acknowledge and accept your feelings. It is healthier to embrace, accept and ‘choose to understand’ negative emotions instead of avoiding or pushing them away.


Be yourself—the authentic you. Create a life aligned with your values, rather than succumbing to the pressure of pleasing others! Understand your motivations, set your boundaries, and take actions to improve yourself and your situation.

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