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HOW TO… Stop letting your inner monologue control your life?

Tips to stop letting your inner monologue control your life
Joni Peddie
July 20, 2022
min read
HOW TO… Stop letting your inner monologue control your life?

It is incredibly difficult to stifle a negative internal monologue when your life is full of stress, uncertainty and chaos.

Our negative internal voice can whisper incessantly about horrid things, which could occur, and /or ruminate about things that shouldn’t have happened! We know, as Leaders (of self, and of the Teams we lead) that we all need to be ready to face the uncertainty, and the incredible volatility in world markets.  If we succumb to anxiety, self-doubt and stress, we’ll battle to make decisions and collaborate with others.

The question is : ‘HOW TO’  balance your inner monologue, in order to promote a strong brain, and a healthy body. Meditation is the ‘go to’ and certainly can help keep our most fervent critic in check. However, many people choose not to meditate, or battle to meditate.

Here is another way. Three practical, fail-proof steps to help you Bounce OUT of that horrid downward spiral of inner chatter.

Step 1:

Stop. Look up and say your mobile phone number backwards. This sounds ridiculously simple, and somewhat silly… but it jolly well works! It will take you about 6- 8 seconds, which is enough time to be a TERRIFIC brain interrupter: between the emotional (limbic part of your brain) and your rational thinking (prefrontal cortex part of your brain).

Step 2:

Stand -up. Own your space. Wiggle your toes, and feel the floor. Ground yourself.

Step 3:

Use the 4-7-8 BREATHING technique:

* Breathe in (through your nose) for four counts. Remember toexpand your ribcage (as opposed to lifting your shoulders).

* Hold your breath for 7 counts.

* Breathe out (through your mouth) for 8 counts. Allow this to be loud and audible!

Loads more to say … but given the ‘overwhelm’ many people are experiencing… let’s keep it as simple as 1, 2 & 3.

I would love to hear how this (or versions of this) work for you when your ‘inner dialogue’ is going crazy.

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