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Knowledge in the Workplace

Is implicit & tactic knowledge still alive in the new hybrid workplace?
Joni Peddie
May 17, 2022
min read
Knowledge in the Workplace

Do we still have 'Implicit Knowledge' and 'Tacit Knowledge' in the new hybrid workplace?

Most organisations that I speak to are adjusting to two or three days working back in the office.

The balance of the week ... they are WFO (working from home). I am curious about how people are finding this? There are many sub-topics to discuss on this new 'hybrid worklife' issue. But, the one that is intriguing me at the moment is whether we can keep 'Implicit knowledge' (where we are transferring knowledge from one person to the other) and ‘Tactic knowledge’ (where we are sharing ideas, being creative and innovative) ALIVE?

Any ideas?

Explicit Knowledge is obviously easy to transfer (via Docs or data on the Company's Knowledge Management System). We’re on a mission to ensure that Teams in the workplaces... ‘Bounce Forward’ and collectively have a sense of Purpose. It is important for each person to understand the value that they bring to their Team & Organisation. The working world will never be the same after this COVID Pandemic. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas...

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