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Monday Stress?

A simple 'Brain hack' to reduce stress and help with TMMTs!
Joni Peddie
September 19, 2023
min read
Monday Stress?

Stress  is not the bad guy

But TMMTs “Too Many Monday Tasks” can make one feel daunted,  overwhelmed, and somewhat anxious. Self reveal…this was me TODAY!

Luckily  I remembered a technique I learnt from Andrew D, Huberman, Ph.D.  

This  is supposedly the fastest protocol for reducing stress in real time.

If  you’re impatient (like me), it’s called the “physiological sigh”.



Two  back-to-back inhales (through your nose) to MAX lung inflation, followed by full exhale (to empty your lungs) through your mouth. Do this three times.

Viola! A 9  second brain-hack!


I  sometimes welcome that ‘stressed’ state… for the adrenalin surge, followed by  the ‘va va voom’ mental focus. But this week, I only have Monday in my  office before heading off to work in the Cape. When I am ‘under-the whip’, I  can easily slip into my ‘Sgt Major mode’ and that’s not pretty, great or  ‘lekker’ (as we say in South Africa). 😱

Some facts about  the “physiological sigh” (if you have read this far on a Monday afternoon)…          


Discovered in the 1930s as a natural pattern  of breathing, which occurs spontaneously in sleep (#sleepisyoursuperpower).



It allows the 100s of millions of small sacs  (alveoli) in the lungs to inflate, as we inhale. And then we exhale the  carbon dioxide, restoring oxygen: carbon dioxide ratios.




This is not breath work. This a natural  pattern of breathing - hard-wired, and present from birth.



It works first time, and every time!  #selfmanage #reduceoverwhelm #BOUNCEFORWARD



Ready to conquer those TMMTs (Too Many Monday Tasks) and keep stress at bay? Give this 9-second brain hack, the "physiological sigh," a try  today.  

Let's beat that overwhelm together and Bounce  Forward™ with va va voom!💪😃 

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