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Music Meditation

Boost Your Mood
Joni Peddie
April 18, 2023
min read
Music Meditation

How can playing your favourite song boost the efficacy of your medication?

This morning, I came across a recent study from The University of Michigan. It was a small pilot study: 12 patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment.  They agreed to listen to their favourite music for 30 minutes each time they needed to take their anti-nausea medication.

There have been many studies using ‘music-listening’, as a tool to treat pain and anxiety. But this assistant professor took a novel approach, and studied the effects of music-listening interventions on chemotherapy-induced nausea.

The outcome:  “Listening to music may help boost the beneficial effects of medicine while helping to reduce some of the side effects. Cancer patients who listened to their favourite music while experiencing chemotherapy-related nausea reported a decrease in nausea severity and stress.”

Sadly, I do have friends undergoing Chemo. Of course I called them and shared this ‘snippet’ of research.

I then reflected on how I have (in the last 3  years) made "Play-lists" on Spotify of my favourite songs. I have a daily ritual (never skip this ritual) of singing in my morning shower. To the horror of my hubbie, as I am tone -deaf!

After my shower I take a few Nootropic health supplements (also known as “smart drugs”) to improve my learning, memory, to keep me ‘calm and in flow’.

Do they work?
I think so. Maybe the music, singing and dancing in my bathroom boosts the efficacy of my Nootropics!

What I do know, is that I am (gratefully) extremely healthy and fit!

Are you choosing to ‘play your favourite tunes’… DAILY?

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