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Recgonition as a Feedback Tool

Feedback tips
Joni Peddie
June 12, 2023
min read
Recgonition as a Feedback Tool

Have you thought about using ‘Recognition’ as a powerful feedback tool?

We all know that ‘Feedback is the breakfast of Champions’. I facilitated a Team session recently where the feedback wasn’t constructive, specific and at times not even ‘understandable’. I saw that in the team members: in their strange ‘tweezer lipped’ expressions. Time ran out, and the session didn’t close as well as it should have closed !

After something ‘goes south’, I always sit and wonder whether…

  • I should have asked for more time to unravel things …or is this ‘Storming’ necessary to make way for the ‘Norming’ and ‘Performing’ in this Team?
  • Whether I should have used an entirely DIFFERENT way of tackling the 'feedback portion' of the workshop?

In these turbulent, uncertain and ‘rough sea’  times in business… perhaps 'recognition' could be used more often, as a form of feedback.

According to a recent report from Quantum Workplace: ‘Only 35% of employees receive recognition monthly or weekly. And 50% of employees would like more recognition for their work!'

Even Managers want to be recognized for their performance and feel like a valuable member of the team and organization.

Their research also showed the ‘Most Preferred’ and ‘Least Preferred’ reasons for recognition.

Let’s start with ‘Least Preferred’… so that you know what to avoid:
·      Personal accomplishments outside of work
·      Personal potential
·      Day to day Behaviours

‘Most Preferred’ reasons for recognition.
·      Performance or role accomplishments
·      Value to organisation
·      Teamwork or collaboration

There’s a place for KPI (Key performance Indicator) Meetings … hopefully more often than once per year!

In addition, in a Team Session, I am going to (where applicable)  springboard off the ‘recognition’ platform.
If this is communicated well, it can be followed by the Question : “Are there any other way/s you’re choosing to be on that treadmill of continuous improvement?"

Success breeds success!

Are you currently using 'recognition' as a form of feedback in your team / across your organization?

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