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Rethinking Employee Wellness

Adopting healthy wellbeing habits
Joni Peddie
July 26, 2022
min read
Rethinking Employee Wellness

Going beyond the ‘ping-pong’ table at the office … to help employees adopt healthy, well-being habits.

We speak to many organisations re: Employee Well-being: Mental, Emotional & Physical. Many of them are prioritising well-being, which is terrific!

This research from Stanford & NYU is fascinating. They used Facebook Ads to recruit 2,000 people. They asked baseline questions about their well-being, offered to pay them each $100, and then had half of them deactivate their Facebook profiles.

I am fascinated and intrigued by the fact that the participants deactivated their account for FOUR WEEKS after they were paid $100.

I am wondering if this would work in South Africa / your organisation ?

I guess we’d need to ask people to also deactivate Instagram, and perhaps Tik Tok (depending on your employee age profile). We know that spending less time on Social Media, means more time for family, friends and hopefully ‘outdoor activities’… which are all enablers for fulfilment, happiness, energy and a more dynamic life.

What are your thoughts? Could paying your employees to deactivate their Social Media Profiles work in your organisation?

If you don’t have time to read the MITSloan Management review, here’s the bottom-line:
“When the researchers checked back in with the participants about their well-being and their time use after a month, the results were striking: There were significant improvements in well-being, in particular in self-reported happiness, life satisfaction, depression, and anxiety, among the deactivators.”

It is a quick and worthwhile 4 min read, with other interesting findings.

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