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Simplicity at the far end of complexity!

Enjoy nature!
Joni Peddie
September 14, 2023
min read
Simplicity at the far end of complexity!

Simplicity at the far end of complexity!

We are in The Namaqua National Park hiking and enjoying seeing the splendour of colour. Our annual hike takes us to different parts of South Africa. We do this with 8 mates, and we are all GREAT mates!

We walk, we talk and we tease each other RELENTLESSLY. But we also sometimes walk in silence, and absorb the views , and get lost in our own thoughts.

Yesterday I kept thinking of the TERRIFIC DETOX that my brain is getting. 18 km per day of walking in nature - a phenomenal amount of sunlight, and a multitude of different colours. We often forget that our eyes are 'protruding parts’ of our brain.

Back at home, in our fast-paced Jozi lifestyle, my morning sunlight ritual is a non negotiable!

Give your brain a daily BOOST!
Within one hour of waking, go outside and enjoy the morning sunlight. If it’s not sunny it doesn’t matter. Look skyward and your brain will still enjoy the benefits!

Trying to do all this through a windshield or window doesn't work; there are too many (of the relevant) wavelengths that are filtered out.

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