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Sleep Debt

Consequences of not enough sleep
Joni Peddie
May 27, 2024
min read
Sleep Debt

Paying back your sleep debt this weekend?
It's nearly Friday and whoop, whoop the weekend is almost here. Many people tell me that they are going to catch up on their sleep after a hectic work week - full of early mornings, late nights, and not enough restorative sleep.

But is trying to "pay back" your sleep debt on weekends really an effective strategy? The short answer is “No”!

Sleep is Not a Bank Account. We can't actually store up sleep and then withdraw it later when we've accrued a debt. Sleep is something our bodies need consistently, night after night, to function optimally. Skipping sleep creates a debt that cannot be repaid by sleeping in on the weekend.

Sleep Deprivation Has Consequences….
When we don't get enough quality sleep, it takes a toll mentally and physically. Lack of sleep impacts cognition, mood, focus, decision making, immunity and more. Trying to power through on little sleep may seem productive in the short term, but it's counterproductive long-term.

Hmmm the dreaded scratchy throat, headache and sinus…
This week I have been fighting a sore throat and horrid sinus, so I have clocked up 8 hours every night (normally I only need 7 hours). Guess what: both have  “gone” and I am ready to go out with friends tonight, and go for a lovey 10km ‘trot” in Emmarentia Rose Garden & Delta Park tomorrow!

Rather than trying to play sleep catch up on weekends, the better approach is to prioritize getting 7-9 hours of quality sleep per night as CONSISTENTLY as possible. There are times when I miss out on social events, or even good webinars at night, because I prioritise my sleep. It’s worth it. I will have a fantabulous weekend with family & friends! BEST I stay well, be well and do this by sleeping well!

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