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Sleep Your Way to Better Thinking

Leverage the power of Sleep!
Joni Peddie
May 9, 2022
min read
Sleep Your Way to Better Thinking

Sleep is vital for brain health. Public holidays, too much work , too little work, sick kids, sick adults, a Netflix binge … you name it …sleep is most often the first casualty. We know that getting 7-8 hours of sleep improves mental health, physical health and especially our brain function. On the other hand, insufficient sleep, and poor quality sleep is thought to be a risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease and ‘poor’ decision- making.

Four ‘must -do’s to prioritise quality sleep :

1. Cut out blue light exposure from digital devices (including your TV, Mobile and computer) 90 mins before bed (blue light blocks production of the sleep hormone melatonin). 

2. Create a wind-down routine before bed that includes a relaxing activity like reading, listening to music, sex and / or a hot bath. 

3. Avoid discussing stressful issues  before bed. And, of course NO Tv in the ‘boudoir’!

4. No caffeine (tea, coffee or green tea) 8 hours before bed. If you go to bed at about 10pm, then the latest cuppa should be at around 2pm! 

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