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Sunday Night INSOMNIA

Tips to avoid Sunday night Insomnia
Joni Peddie
May 26, 2022
min read
Sunday Night INSOMNIA

Do you suffer Sunday night insomnia ?

Sunday night insomnia is real!

Some people sleep jolly well during the week, but then battle to fall asleep on a Sunday night.

What is this about?

Research shows that the most important factor that affects Sunday night sleep is: ‘Changes in your weekend sleep habits’.  This may be you? You stay up much later on a Friday night, and then you sleep in on a Saturday morning. As a consequence, your body is then primed to stay up even later on the Saturday night, and you sleep in again on Sunday morning.

These changes effect your body’s clock (circadian rhythm) and the disruption and inconsistency in in your sleep / wake cycle gets you 'out of whack'.

On Sunday night, you are now programmed to stay up late again, so it’s really quite hard to get to sleep on time. When this happens, your adrenalin and cortisol (stress hormones) levels probably increase... as you start to worry, and become anxious ... perhaps anticipating that you may not sleep, or have a really difficult night ahead.

How to avoid this Sunday night insomnia?

* Honour your body clock.

* Try and keep the same wake-up time, and bedtime on the weekends (as close to your weekday 'times' as possible).

* If you do go to bed late on a Friday or Saturday night - force yourself to get up at your weekday wake-up time!

* If you do the 'above': treat yourself to an early afternoon power-nap on Saturdays + Sundays. This way, you maintain the same wake-up time, but use 'power napping' to compensate for your sleep deprivation.

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