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Team Synergy
Joni Peddie
March 12, 2024
min read

Teams are Systems. In the last week I have facilitated 3 very different teams, in totally different Industry sectors, with different expertise and mandates in their Multinational Organisations.

As a result each workshop had a different set of ‘deliverables’. I used a number of different ‘models’;  ‘engaging exercises’ and techniques to cross fertilise ideas, and get them to ‘shift gears’.

Today, I am still reflecting and fascinated by what I observed in these three very different teams last week.
I was wondering what you are seeing in your teams in your Organisation?

My 4 key insights:

  1. Getting one person (even the Team Leader) to level up is NOT enough – especially in these times of accelerated and unprecedented change.
  2. There is a LOT OF TURBULENCE in macroeconomics drivers and changes  : and Team Leaders are ‘lonely at the top’. The rate of change is overwhelming. Add into this mix the demands of their Direct Reports, and it’s a ‘mess’.
  3. Team members are contemplating how (& I what way/s) they can ‘peddle harder’? “Insufficient time” and “low energy levels” are the two main enemies that people face.
  4. The domino effect of No 3 above, is that Teams are not taking ‘time off to sharpen the saw’ and to think cleverly about …
    The use of the  INVISIBLE additional resource, and the extra ENERGY that comes from  TEAM SYNERGY : aka team collaboration!

The POWER of Team COLLABORATION. Here's a quick war story.
At the end of Friday the team did the “Lost at Sea”  exercise, which demonstrates (with the US Navy Seals model answer) the POWER of Team COLLABORATION.
This one guy Moshe (Type 5 on the Enneagram) was a Team GEM …and nobody really knew about him as a great Team asset. In the debrief, Moshe and the team discussed his ‘behavioural pattern’ of OFTEN not verbalising his thoughts, feelings and intuition  in their team meetings. His brain is ‘extraordinarily’ fast, logical, and he’s able to easily focus on consequential thinking, and unintended consequences.
He will (‘happily’) now be asked for his contribution, and nudged to speak up.

In your Team, do you have …
1.     ’People’ that you are NOT taping into ?
2.     People who are QUIET GEMS, that need ‘nudging’ to lean in to problem solving / innovating thinking conversations?

In summary:

  • Are you considering the systemic nature of your team?
  • Are you noticing the patterns across your team and even the patterns between two people?
  • Are you noticing the dynamics in the room?
  • Asking / nudging  individuals to ‘level up’?

Utilise the ADDITIONAL Team member, which is TEAM SYNERGY…driven by ENERGY & MOMENTUM!

Do you need help re-energising your life and career?
Yes please!