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The Sleep Cycle Application

Set yourself up for a quality night’s sleep
Joni Peddie
May 9, 2022
min read
The Sleep Cycle Application
I am not a ‘tech- orientated’ person. I don’t measure or track anything. Not even my daily runs on Strava, and certainly not the kilojoules I eat on a daily basis !

Getting good quality sleep has been my fascination for years. 15 years ago I used sleeping pills for a few months, while I was ‘learning to cope’ with the sudden and tragic death of my husband. I kicked that habit after 4 months, and started researching the intersect between these three topics : ‘Sleep’, ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and ‘Brain Fitness’. I will write more articles on EQ and ‘Brain Fog to Brain Fitness’. This Linkedin post is about the virtuous circle of:  prioritizing your sleep …. to … becoming more self-aware of how you feel after a night of quality sleep… to … enjoying ‘clocking up (min) 7 hours of sleep’ … to … trading-in other activities / demands, in order to prioritise your sleep. Of course this sets up another rotation of this virtuous circle.

The question of HOW TO get this going is the ‘big Q’. My bio-hack is a simple, and free App (remember I am adverse to ‘tech stuff’) called SLEEP CYCLE. It’s as easy as 1,2,3. Download it. Put your mobile on your bedside table. Set it airplane mode, so that the EMF’s don’t fry your brain. Set your Sleep Cycle App to wake you up : either at a specific time, or in a ‘band of time’ that is optimal. This ensures that you aren’t jolted out of a deep sleep. Enjoy slumberland.

I look at my Sleep Cycle EVERY morning. I am fascinated by the trends over time and this ‘daily focus time on my sleep’ and what I did the day before that helped with getting deep, quality sleep has been hugely beneficial for restorative nightly.

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