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Monday Fun
Joni Peddie
September 4, 2023
min read

Try DEFENESTRATION ! it sounds rude, but it’s not!

Monday Fun. What does this mean?
Answer: “A throwing of a person, or thing out of a window.”

Your mind can go wild here … even to the DARK SIDE. Don’t succumb.

It’s Monday, and hopefully you had RRR time this weekend : Relax, Rejuvenate + Reboot time.

In South Africa, Spring has sprung... and the bright, luminous green leaves are 'sneaking' out of the stark, grey / brown winter branches.

I feel people's moods lifting in Johannesburg. We had no load shedding (electricity cuts) last week. I guess because the BRICS Convention was happening, and delegates from 46 countries were in town. Besides all of this, when the sun shines and it’s slightly warmer, people go outside (midday) in a T-shirt, you’ll see MORE people SMILE!

Often at the start of a week, I ask myself a provocative Question.
Here’s my SIMPLE question for this week : “What morning habit doesn’t serve me? What can I throw out the window?”

I’ll share.
My current morning 'self talk’ (to the bathroom mirror)  needs ‘to be thrown out the window’. Putting on my lipstick this morning, I said to myself: “the lines around my mouth look like I am a 60 ciggies per day Smoker”.

Definitely NOT a good way to start my day!
This month, I’ll be clocking up another year. So ageing, facial lines, and ‘saggy bum’ are all currently top of mind!

I’m now mindfully aware of focusing on good inner dialogue. After all, reframing and 'flicking switches' in our brains is entirely doable. Flipping our ‘attitude’ is completely within our CONTROL.

DEFENESTRATION: What (bad) habit are you prepared to ‘throw out the window’ this week?

#innerdialogue #flipyourattitude #faciallinesandwisdom #bounceforward

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