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Try Something New - Cold Water Immersion

Trying something new
Joni Peddie
April 11, 2023
min read
Try Something New - Cold Water Immersion

Need to lose some weight? Try something new: CWI.

I took this picture last week. A few of us arrived in Cape Town, and my daughter and her boyfriend took us to their ‘special beach’ … where they (gingerly) get into the Atlantic Ocean for their Cold Water Immersion (CWI). The sea temperature is about 14 degrees Celsius (57 degrees Fahrenheit).

I have done a few CWI in the Atlantic Ocean, in the last year. My daughter's boyfriend has just moved from Durban (warm Indian Ocean) to Cape Town. We both agree that this is ‘addictive’.

I first heard about this when reading about Wim Hof, also known as The Iceman. He's a Dutch motivational speaker, and extreme athlete - noted for his ability to withstand extremely low temperatures.

I like ‘adventure’ and I am often curious about trying out new activities. This, however, didn’t appeal to me at all!
I am also Durban ‘born and bred’ and warm sea water ‘does it for me’.

To honour a school friend, whose son died last year …a few of us embarked on this dreaded CWI for 20 (flipping) mins in the Bantry Bay Tidal Pool, in Cape Town. I initially screeched and yelped. My good friends kept encouraging me and then we all hugged and cried about the loss of this young man, my mate's son. I kept repeating 'out loud'... that I was only doing this for him!

Of course when I got out, and we ventured down the road to a great coffee shop, I was ‘gung ho’ and was planning the next day's CWI.

If I lived in Cape Town, this would be part of my daily routine. I feel highly energised and mental “sharp” afterwards.

The beneficial health claims for CWI are varied and interesting. Go and research them for yourself.
Apparently, when practiced on a regular basis, and over time, CWI  improves your cardiovascular circulation, reduces muscle inflammation, and facilitates weight loss.

If you are off to the Atlantic Coast over this April period, go and TRY IT.
And perhaps MORE THAN ONCE!

You could come home ‘slimmer’, or not ?

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