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‘WHO’ in your life needs you to put a “bomb under them”?

Gentle nudges to putting bombs under people to Get Stuff Done
Joni Peddie
March 23, 2023
min read
‘WHO’ in your life needs you to put a “bomb under them”?

Last month, I enjoyed two weeks in Cape Town - a trip that was a BIG washing machine of Business; Fun; Play; Running; Family-time; Visiting a great mate with cancer of the spine & ‘Holding-the-space’ for a family in trauma: they hosted a memorial 21st birthday event for their son, who died from suicide last August.

Of course all of this got me thinking MORE about HUMAN BEHAVIOUR!

I had a fair amount of  ‘alone’ time in Cape Town. No running mates, so I ran in the early mornings on my own. I also had time on my own during some of the days, as well as after dinner every night.

When I returned to Joburg, back to my personal space, and in my ‘va va voom mode’ (aka my ‘impatient self’) - I reflected about my time in CT.

I am thinking about some of the people I met in Cape Town, that I want to gently NUDGE, and others that I want to ‘put a BOMB under them'. This is all with the good intention of helping them, to each help themselves.

The continuum in my mind’s eye runs from ‘left’ to ‘right’ in the following order...

1. PROD or ENCOURAGE: A gentle elbow nudge (a subtle reminder).

2. STIMULATE or INSPIRE:  A bigger nudge for them to ‘reframe their thinking’. Everything is ‘figure-out-able’!

3. GALVANISE or MOVE: A ‘va va VOOM’ nudge to GSD (Get Sh!t Done)

4. SHOCK or FIRE or EXCITE: A bomb under them, so that they are catapulted into a new realm (sometimes into another stratosphere).

There are four main points on the above continuum.

Who do you want to ‘galvanize, prod, stimulate, encourage, inspire, prompt, move, fire, shock or excite?’

As I type I have about 3 people that I can think of ‘per point above’.

What’s also interesting to me is the range of feelings that this exercise evokes in me. Ranging from ‘irritation’ to ‘excitement’ to ‘anger’.

Call-2-Action: What are you going to use this weekend? Who are you going to 'nudge'?

I'm going to use point 4 on my gorgeous hubbie.

Why? To nudge him to plan for his retirement. We’ve chatted about this plan over the last 3 years, but he now needs to GSD…to pave the way for the next 10-15 years.

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