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What are you doing for YOU... in 2023?

What are you doing for pure enjoyment for you this year?
Joni Peddie
January 17, 2023
min read
What are you doing for YOU... in 2023?

I asked my friend Nico Steyn this question over lunch today. We had already discussed both our businesses and what we wanted to start doing differently in '23.

Nico answered immediately with “Build a closed Terrarium”.

I did have to do a ‘File search’ & ‘File retrieve’ in my brain… as to what this is? And then ‘click-click’ it came back to me.

In case ‘click-click’ isn’t happening for you: a  closed terrarium is a sealed glass jar that allows heat and light into the jar, and this creates an ecosystem for plant growth. The heat allows the creation of a water cycle from the  evaporating moisture from the soil and plants. This water vapor then condenses onto the walls of the container, eventually falling back onto the plants and soil. Light passing through the glass allows photosynthesis.

This short biology ‘session’ is not the point of my article today... The point is MORE IMPORTANTLY… what are YOU doing for PURE ENJOYMENT … for YOU this year?

I am ‘stealing’ Nico’s idea. I have loads of old glass jars (sealed and open), and I have wanted to do this for about 5 years.

I also now know that doing something creative, helps with 'de-stressing' and encourages lateral thinking.

A creative life is an amplified life!

PS. If you are a mate of mine, you may have a Terrarium ‘gift’ coming your way from me this year.

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